“Having worked drug cases for the better part of 30 years and almost 600 clandestine meth lab cases all over Oklahoma I was a little leery of someone from academia writing this book. In no way did I want it to glorify meth use, abuse, addiction, or the manufacturing of meth. I met the author in 2003 at a clandestine meth lab class I was teaching and after a couple of years of conversations with her I saw the direction and drive Dr. Shukla had for this book. I recognized her worry about how law enforcement and the public would view this book. Dr. Shukla put those worries to rest. This is one of the most powerful and impactful books on meth I have had the pleasure of reading. To get those 33 people to open up and tell their stories was amazing. The part of the book that has stuck with me since I finished it is the introduction Dr. Shukla wrote to Chapter 8, The Dark Life. To me when people get to this part of the book and read this they also reflect back into the dark parts of their lives and remember the hurt and pain they caused. This makes people compare the dark moments of their lives to the ones Dr. Shukla writes about. Although the reader’s darkest moments may not be as serious, the dark moments of those in this book were, and for some continue to be, matters of life and death. This is a great read if you are a law enforcement officer or prosecutor and have not dealt with meth addicts or cooks. If you are a civilian and have not been effected by meth this will be a wakeup call. This is a drug that over rides the four basic instincts of survival. Well done Dr. Shukla.” Dub Turner (Retd. Agent), Drug Endangered Children Program Director/ Education Coordinator, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs

“While reading your book I had to stop several times. I was having flashbacks of arrest’s, children I took from mother’s, the filth, and the depths these people were forced to descent to to support a habit. One girl in particular spoke about cooking dope in a car. I arrested a 18-19 year old girl who was sitting in the front seat of a car smoking a cigarette, while sitting next to a gallon jar half full of ether. There are many triggers that bring up things that I had put into their own compartments for permanent storage. Never to see the light of day again. Kept in the same storage cabinets as the memories from almost 50 years ago. Thanks for the book…My only real comment as far as the construction of the book itself is its a little too clinical in a couple spots. Almost like it was written for other academics instead of real people. It was a little hard to discern exactly who your target audience was. However, what I know of you, you put your heart and soul into this work, and I thank you for telling a story that needed to be told.”  ~ Retired law enforcement official & police chief with 39 years experience.

Methamphetamine: A Love Story examines the life stories of 33 individuals formerly immersed in the methamphetamine lifestyle. The majority of individuals had histories of involvement manufacturing methamphetamine, while a smaller number of them participated in the manufacturing process more indirectly. This book highlights the complexities of addiction and presented an insider’s perspective on the lived experience of those immersed in the world of methamphetamine.

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